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    April 2017, 12 Finalist Paintings Including Best In Show

    April 2017 Judge: Jeanne Bessette

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    Busy Bakers by Nyle GordonBEST IN SHOW: Busy Bakers by Nyle Gordon Judge's comment: I'm not entirely sure I would call this representational. Although it has sense of reality, it was the mood and choice of monochromatic colors that struck me in this piece. That application made it very unique and pleasing.

    Waiting by Susan KuznitskyWaiting by Susan Kuznitsky. Judge's comment: Nice piece. Well executed. Pleasing to look at for a long time.

    Silhouette·3 by Jie ZhuangSilhouette·3 by Jie Zhuang. Judge's comment: Gorgeous paint application and mood. I would have liked to see a stronger title.

    My Amma by Venkatesh DornalMy Amma by Venkatesh Dornal. Judge's comment: Beautifully done. Simple and striking all at the same time.

    Bearded Saint by Geoffrey E LevittBearded Saint by Geoffrey E Levitt. Judge's comment: A real departure from reality shows in the way this piece is handled.  The loose lush streaks and spatters along with various opaque glazes give way to a non-objective contemporary style that is most popular today.  The cubes of color seem to disappear and reappear unexpectedly in a linear fashion.

    Mart by Stephanie SchechterMart by Stephanie Schechter. Judge's comment: The execution of this piece is stunningly beautiful.

    Beautiful Questions by Beverly Todd Beautiful Questions by Beverly Todd. Judge's comment: It's hard to find a well executed, unique abstract. This is one of them.

    We The People by Leo Vincent GagneWe The People by Leo Vincent Gagne. Judge's comment: Well executed, well timed and well delivered. It is a very strong piece.

    do not be blinded by words by Christine Mercer-Vernon "do not be blinded by words" by Christine Mercer-Vernon. Judge's comment: Although many do not take titles into consideration, I do and love a strong title. Add this to the execution and statement of this piece and you have a winner. Nicely done.

    Edward Inman Senior by Suzie BakerEdward Inman Senior by Suzie Baker.  Judge's comment: The moodiness and paint application is what is so beautiful about this piece. Well done.

    Facing the Seasons of Life by Alexandria WinslowFacing the Seasons of Life by Alexandria Winslow. Judge's comment: The use of color and strong hard edges is what is so intriguing about this piece. A title that is equally intriguing may have sent this to a higher mark.

    Clementines and Cranberries by 	Chris Krupinski Clementines and Cranberries by Chris Krupinski. Judge's comment: This piece grabbed me instantly not because it is an original concept but because it is so well executed.


    Latest Artists Choice Reviews

    A Posh Event

    The color combination on this piece is stunning! The composition is dynamic and unique. Well done!


    I love paintings of bikes and all the abstract shape they produce, well done


    I thought this was a watercolor at first...you really captured the light and you are right about the abstracted shapes, well done


    I love the colors and point of view!


    I love the looseness....simple rendering to portray such a strong subject

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