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    January 2017, 12 Finalist Paintings Including Best In Show

    January 2017 Judge: Robert Burridge

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    Ellen by Natasha Jabre

    BEST IN SHOW, above: Ellen by Natasha Jabre. Judge's comment: Oh my gosh! This strikingly beautiful painting has all the elements I admire - quality of technique, quality of execution and original point of view. WOW.


    MandolinMandolin by Lon Brauer. Judge's comment: This painter loves to paint! The drippy brush strokes shows the fun and playfulness of juicy painting. There are great little spots of detailed color, but it is more of what the artist did not put in that grabbed me. Great job!

    Lake Abiquiu by Petra AckermannLake Abiquiu by Petra Ackermann. Judge's comment: A powerful and vibrant land, sky and waterscape. The focal point made me smile - I have seen this so many times in nature. It gave me a great feeling.

    Waterfall by Connie ThomassonWaterfall by Connie Thomasson. Judge's comment: This painting overwhelmed me with its grandeur. The composition, focal point and wetness struck me immediately. The artist was able to convey an instant visual impact.

    Dark Places by Lorrie WarkentinDark Places by Lorrie Warkentin.  Judge's comment: Love this painting — it's an excellent example of the artist stopping at 90% and still telling the whole story. This invites the viewer to get involved with the painting and their imagination "fills in the blanks."

    Pastorale by Mary PettisPastorale by Mary Pettis. Judge's comment: This painting struck me as part of the Hudson River Valley School of  Painting. I love the warmth, lighting, and symmetry in this new version of an early American,  standard subject. Lovely job.

    Untitled - (Heads in Space series) by Lindsey Lively Untitled (Heads in Space series) by Lindsey Lively. Judge's comment: Powerful, graphic and original point of view! Brush strokes are direct, assertive and this painter clearly communicates the expression of paint.

    Blocked in Cuba by Bruce BinghamBlocked in Cuba by Bruce Bingham. Judge's comment: I want this car! This painting just kept saying, "Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!" And I just smiled. Its brazen attitude and in-your-face color kept my attention.

    As Above, So Below by Robert MaslaAs Above, So Below by Robert Masla. Judge's comment: This painter is a master at color and observation. His patience with detail and classic technique is admirable.

    Home by Suzie Baker Home by Suzie Baker. Judge's comment: This is a sweet, loving painting of a subject matter the painter obviously enjoys painting. For an old subject, this painting is fresh and lively. The free brush stroke is masterful.

    Scene at the Bar by Jill BanksScene at the Bar by Jill Banks. Judge's comment: Beautiful and striking composition. Overall color tone held my attention. Sweet nod to "girls' night out."

    C130 Fire Training at Goodfellow by Suzie BakerC130 Fire Training at Goodfellow by Suzie Baker. Judge's comment: This striking composition held my attention and imagination for a long time. It seemed to tell me a story that I wanted to know more about.


    Latest Artists Choice Reviews

    A Posh Event

    The color combination on this piece is stunning! The composition is dynamic and unique. Well done!


    I love paintings of bikes and all the abstract shape they produce, well done


    I thought this was a watercolor at first...you really captured the light and you are right about the abstracted shapes, well done


    I love the colors and point of view!


    I love the looseness....simple rendering to portray such a strong subject

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