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    March 2017, 12 Finalist Paintings Including Best In Show

    March 2017 Judge: Jan Sitts

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    Close to Shore by Brian LaSagaBEST IN SHOW: Close To Shore by Brian LaSaga. Judge's comment: OMG! Masterfully handled photo realism in every way.  Color, values, composition, mood, and originality.  This representation of individual river rocks in various colors with the gentle waters advancing and greeting the shoreline is exquisite. Abstract found in nature!

    History by 	Carol Lee ThompsonHistory by Carol Lee Thompson. Judge's comment: The values with lights and darks draw me into the warmth and serenity of this setting, giving all who view it a “remember when” flashback in time.  The design elements are very successful and the fellow in the work seems to be thinking of his past in a somewhat monochromatic scheme.

    Whats In A Name by Chris BoydWhats In A Name by Chris Boyd. Judge's comment: The distorted building shapes with black outlines definitely look cramped as in our urban sprawl that is part of western culture. The painting has a pleasant cubistic feel with shapes leading upward in a visually balanced composition.

    NOLA Jazz No. 1 by E. Melinda MorrisonNOLA Jazz No. 1 by E. Melinda Morrison. Judge's comment: The painterly treatment of this portrait with the incised areas of sgraffito, (scratching thru the wet paint surface) animates the image and composition. The portrait evokes the sounds as if  remembering the notes of his latest sheet music.

    Unexpected Beginnings by Beverly ToddUnexpected Beginnings by Beverly Todd. Judge's comment: A real departure from reality shows in the way this piece is handled.  The loose lush streaks and spatters along with various opaque glazes give way to a non-objective contemporary style that is most popular today.  The cubes of color seem to disappear and reappear unexpectedly in a linear fashion.

    The Silence of the Mountains by Guangyi SunThe Silence of the Mountains by Guangyi Sun. Judge's comment: Could be clouds, snow, or maybe a satellite view of fjords? Stunning black and white shapes in movement. Abstract forms carry a tremendous strength and can move your energy in mysterious ways.  Don’t overuse your analytical mind in this piece—just enjoy.

    The Shallows by John Pompeo The Shallows by John Pompeo. Judge's comment: “Standing in the Physical and looking into the Spiritual” — what a good metaphor in your description! The extraordinary way you developed “shallows” using thinned washes of oil are spectacular. The linear, reed-like growth is so fragile with repetition of shadows. It looks so restful—this viewer wouldn’t change a thing!

    Reflections From Yesterday by William LeungReflections From Yesterday by William Leung. Judge's comment: The shoreline is calm and delicately painted with a story: a statement about loss and crisis in our lives. My attraction to the tiny ripples coming into shore along with a broken curved line of the shore, against the smooth glassy  beach gives significant contrasts. A very compelling subject of trying to cope. The white trousered figure brings your eye right into the focal point. Pinkish layers of clouds are mellow. This unified painting is full of sensitivity and competence.

    A Quiet Night in the Park A Quiet Night in the Park by TaiMeng Lim. Judge's comment: This title connects with the painting perfectly! What is it about this quiet night? The spiral (circle) composition with darkest trees hovering over light, bright trees… and against the bright blue sky… this is an enormously successful piece! Where are the figures? We alone feel the aloneness, maybe to the point of running away. Beautiful choice of color palette.

    Livin' On the Edge by Kathie OdomLivin' on the Edge by Kathie Odom.  Judge's comment: The contrast of the foreground using direct brush strokes and strong color give pattern to this area. The quick, bold approach to the overall painting gives a feeling of energy and brilliance. The thin lines throughout the edges of the cliff add motion and contrast of color. The shapes make one feel as if they are bouncing off the canvas.

    Reflection of my Life by Linda WilderReflection of my Life by Linda Wilder. Judge's comment: The color choices are the most important elements in this work.  Secondly come the shadows. What a wonderful way of taking this ordinary subject and making it “sing.” Obviously this artist loved painting as well as this audience.

    Some Homemade Chinese Food by Gege Xu Some Homemade Chinese Food by Gege Xu. Judge's comment: As I look at this piece and the other works online in the artist's portfolio, I am amazed at the creative ability he has. The lush, bold paintings are consistent in style and technique. I see a very strong intellectual presence within this work as he builds upon a theme of “edible” types of subject matter in these unique paintings.


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    Love the dark background that sets off the warm light on the figure. The figures pose is wonderful, with the face half hidden and the bangs on the forehead catching the light. The wicker chairs capture an era and the child reading there seems ageless



    Let there be light by sharon

    Nice painting


    Love this one Brian... Very original.


    My story goes on for over 50 years. That being said, I paint for passion and nothing more. I love what I do.

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