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    October 2016, 12 Finalist Paintings Including Best In Show

    October 2016 Judge

    Professional, award-winning artist Carl Dalio. Read more about Carl here.

    waves coming in Best In Show
    BEST IN SHOW - Waves Coming In by Deborah Tilby.
    Judge's comment: This painting lives and breathes atmosphere. One can feel a steady, cool breeze on the skin and thick, ocean air in the lungs. Driftwood forms a low, diagonal wall between a powerfully painted surf and delicately-handled, calm, soft sand. The carefully positioned boat acts as a perpendicular bridge between these two worlds. Composition, values, color choices, brushwork and edges throughout are exquisite.

    383 the source thbThe Source by Ned Mueller. Judge's comment: This painting is a wonderful example of strong composition and structure. The artist demonstrates a solid understanding of simplifying complex subject matter as well as a masterful use of values, shades and shadows, perspective, and color. Beautiful atmospheric light is created through careful color choices, along with subtle temperature changes, brushwork and edges.

    418 nap 1 thbElsa Ross, Hidden Child of the Holocaust by David Kassan. Judge's comment: This painting speaks volumes about life, strength, emotion and suffering. Composed exquisitely in strong values, somber colors and textures and rich detail, the painting of Elsa enters the personal space of each viewer and proceeds to speak the story of loss - a painting that sends a heartfelt message beyond any accompanying text. Elsa’s facial expression and aging hands clutching a single, precious family photo to her breast, says it all.

    481 minnehaha falls overcast 20x16 thbMinnehaha Falls - Overcast by Mary Pettis. Judge's comment: One can almost feel the sheer volume of water and raging sound of the falls in this painting. Loose brushwork, careful observation of falling water characteristics and wonderful color choices ignite the falls with energy. With attention to sun direction and the addition of small figures high above, the artist creates an essential element of scale.

    495 the resting gondolas sedona art prize oct 2016 thbThe Resting Gondolas by Ashwini Bharathula. Judge's comment: This quiet, peaceful view of gondolas in the early morning canals of Venice is beautifully painted. Dark gondolas meld with shadows and wall to form a larger shape moving from lower right to upper left. Light gondola tarps form a contrasting, shape pattern with the closest gondola maintaining the center of interest. Clean color and crisp edges herald the arrival of a fresh, Venetian day.

    496 img 2758 thbAnticipation by Carol Lee Thompson. Judge's comment: All that canine energy, wired for open space, is powerfully written in the eyes of these fox hounds. This strong composition is supported by carefully executed shapes, values and color choices as well as brushwork with exacting detail.

    501 bodine g rays jacket 1 oil 24x12 2880.jpeg thbRay's Jacket by George Bodine. Judge's comment: Wonderfully painted, this partially clothed figure appears to be hesitating on the landing to glance out of a window. The low viewing angle places her in upward motion and the jacket and interior environment sparks a deeper, life story. Dark and light shapes are nicely composed and balanced in a complementary color arrangement.

    545 balancing act 28x22 watercolor thbBalancing Act by Ron Larson. Judge's comment: A thoughtful design and a clean, complementary color scheme are key players in this watercolor. Nicely-handled, sunlit reeds form a textured, vertical backdrop for diagonals of supporting log, bottom left, and blue heron, center stage.

    550 ahn 2 thb12-2 by Dohgyoung Ahn. Judge's comment: A bold approach, using flat abstract shapes as well as familiar human forms, energizes this mysterious painting. Flat, black shapes move our eyes from bottom left diagonally to upper right. Intriguing faces and directional hands, on a one-third horizontal alignment from the top, stabilize and balance the design and pull us back into the story. This monochromatic, visual illusion of flat and three dimensional shapes, invites us to ponder symbolic themes of the human condition.

    551 beckoning 1 1 thb Beckoning by Jason Sacran. Judge's comment: Wonderful color and light take command in this solidly composed painting. Dark, complex shapes in the foreground are positioned against a hazy, atmospheric background. Crates, hay, equipment and tall grass lead you into this story and depict the vestiges of a working farm. The artist presents the convincing case of a blazing, summer sun just above rooftop as the viewer moves toward the shade.

    560 bruce bingham bucket of brews oil 12 x 12 copy thbBucket List by Bruce Bingham. Judge's comment: Strong composition and beautiful color choices are evident in this painting of bottles in an ice bucket. Cup and snack shapes lead the eye counterclockwise into the carousel of iced drinks. Yellow labels of various sizes confidently hold court as the center of attention. Color temperatures and loose handling of paint, communicate the thirst quenching atmosphere of a delightful, summer day.

    538 water lilly painting a on edge thbFuture by Katarina Vicenova. Judge's comment: This creative, painting concept is wonderfully executed. It most definitely exhibits the theme of ‘the playfulness of youth’, as the artist states. With eye to eye, vigorous expression, the young woman exudes beauty and life itself. Glowing, warm skin tones and interlaced hair masterfully transition into an array of cool, dark green leaves… a complementary delight.

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    Stormy Weather

    Beautiful color and mood.

    Feels like a peacefully vintage day

    Loved the way the artist played with the ocean colors, blue and green. The purple shades are null or used very slightly on the rocks, however I see this painting and makes me feel like a peacefully vintage day with purple sunny rays.

    Wonderful Painting

    I like everything about this - the mood, the subject, the execution.

    Inspiring Tree

    I find the tree on the left particularly interesting. It looks like it's reaching for heaven. Is it seeking eternity?

    Uplifting Colors

    I love the use of colors. They create a cheerful feeling.

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