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    January 2017 Judge: Professional Artist, Instructor, Speaker, and Author, Robert Burridge

    Artist Robert BurridgeRobert (Bob) Burridge was formally trained as a painter in college, but worked as a successful industrial and graphic designer for 25 years before becoming a professional painter. The transition from working for clients to painting full time on his own presented a significant challenge. Bob recalls, “It didn't take long for me to realize my painting time was engulfing my designing-for-clients time. I was feeling fragmented at first until I decided on the discipline of dividing my calendar into ‘designing days’ and ‘painting days.’ A few months of this revealed that I was getting bored with designing and more excited about making paintings.”

    Despite his gallery success, Bob paints energetically every day. “My technique is to paint fast, furiously, spontaneously and not cerebrally. The fast-drying and quick results I get with acrylics allows me to do this.”

    Born in 1943 on a small farm community near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Bob grew up surrounded by farm animals and country living. As a youngster, he became fascinated with and skilled at a variety of circus acts, in his words, “juggling, magic, ventriloquism, circus acrobatics and trapeze show-off stuff. I performed one-man circus shows inside our huge wood barn. It had dirt floors, loose slats, large beam rafters and plenty of pigeons in the eaves. From these rafters I suspended my circus bike and performed goofy stunts while it was on fire.”

    robert burridgeBob graduated from the University of the Arts (formerly Philadelphia College of Art) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design and a minor in Fine Art Painting. He created product designs for a diverse range of companies including Corning Glass, Westinghouse, and Hollywood film studios.

    Currently Bob resides and paints from California’s Central Coast and is involved with a range of art projects. He jurors for international art shows, is a college and national painting workshop instructor, and teaches a fine art mentor program in central France. He was recently selected as the Honorary President of the International Society of Acrylic Painters and holds a signature membership with them and with the Philadelphia Watercolor Society.

    Bob also volunteers time to children with learning challenges, offers motivational speaking programs, and has written and published two books: Loosen Up Studio Workbook and Art Marketing: The Business of Selling Your Art.

    Bob’s original paintings can be seen in six international galleries, on Starbucks Coffee mugs, Pearl Vodka bottles, on eight tapestries and on fine art edition prints in upscale retail stores and cruise ships.

    To learn more about Robert Burridge, visit: www.RobertBurridge.com


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    The color combination on this piece is stunning! The composition is dynamic and unique. Well done!


    I love paintings of bikes and all the abstract shape they produce, well done


    I thought this was a watercolor at first...you really captured the light and you are right about the abstracted shapes, well done


    I love the colors and point of view!


    I love the looseness....simple rendering to portray such a strong subject

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