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    Final Awards Announced by August 31, 2017!

    GRAND PRIZE: $5,000.00 USD CASH

    Plus, opportunity for an exhibit of your work along with a two-week artist residency at the renowned Sedona Arts Center!

    SECOND PRIZE: $1,000.00 USD CASH



    Enter here: www.sedonaartprize.com/registration.


    We would like to invite you to enter in The Sedona Art Prize, an international online painting contest open to all painters anywhere in the world who are over 18 years of age using traditional painting media: oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, pencil, or mixed media. Produced through a partnership between The Sedona Arts Center and GatewayToSedona.com, its mission is the support of artists and art education projects as well as our Peace Through Art initiative, “Make Art Not War.”

    You don’t need to be in Sedona because this painting contest is entirely online. We’ve made it easy for you to enter and upload a photo of your painting just using the internet.

    Artwork is judged based on the appearance of the two-dimensional plane, regardless of the choice of media! You are free to use your favorite painting media.

    Both representational and non-representational paintings may be entered as the judges selected for this competition are versed in all styles of painting. A new judge is selected each month.

    A year-long painting competition, the Sedona Art Prize began in August 2016 and runs through July 2017. Each month, 12 finalists are selected by a judge Painting Contest Finalist Certificatewho is an accomplished art professional. One monthly Best in Show painting wins $200 cash, plus 11 finalist paintings are selected and posted online by the 20th of the following month. At the conclusion of 12 months, cash award winners are selected from a total of 144 finalists: Grand Prize, $5000 ; Second Prize, $1000; Third Prize, $750. In addition to monthly and year-end cash prizes, the Grand Prize winner will also be offered the opportunity for a 2 week residency in Sedona, Arizona through the Sedona Arts Center (to be completed in 2018).

    Certificate of Recognition Awarded to Finalists. Monthly Finalists and Best in Show winners also receive a certificate in recognition of their accomplishment. We mail the certificate to the artist whereever he or she lives around the world.

    The Sedona Art Prize / Gateway To Sedona Artist Competition is not just your average painting contest. It is first and foremost an artist promotion, a special broadcasting of artist paintings to new collectors and art enthusiasts around the world. Each painting receives it's own search-optimized, stand-alone page — essentially a full page ad for each painting — with complete contact information and link to the artist's website. Artists input their own full description, explaining what inspired their work, short bio, listing of accomplishments, and video if available. Originals or print reproductions may be offered for sale; painting pages are designed to be searchable on Google and other search engines; sales are 100% the artist's, with no commission or fee retained by the competition. Paintings entered are exhibited online during all months of the year-long competition and are further posted in social media channels, ensuring that views of each painting increase exponentially over time.

    Each full page per painting entry is $10. If you would like to promote your work even more, add $5 for a specially promoted post: we do a paid post in Facebook (reaching all new viewers), along with rotation of your painting throughout SedonaArtPrize.com and its home page for the duration of the competition.

    If you enter 5 or more paintings in a single month, we offer you an "Artist Spotlight," a special article about you and your latest news along with a sampling of your painting entries. As with your paintings, the article stays online with us for the duration of the competition — an even greater level of promotion for you and your work.

    There is also a one-time registration fee of $25, good for all months of the competition.

    Please contact us with any questions: Tim, at 928-201-5082, or Victoria, at 928-282-4326, or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to your participation and success!


    The Gateway To Sedona Artist Competition launched in 2014 with the goal to promote artists while raising funds to help children in Central America obtain art supplies and instruction. Gateway To Sedona joined forces with Sedona Arts Center in order to reach more artists who could benefit from additional promotion of their work.


    To register (one-time registration, good for all months of the first annual competition), click Enter Now in the top menu.  Already registered? Log in (your email is your user name, password is the one you signed up with) and jump to "Add Painting."  The Add Painting button only displays after you are registered and logged in.  You can always find it in the top menu of our page. If you already see it at the top of the page when you visit the website, it means you are already logged in.

    Artists: Register for the Competition - Click Here to Begin


    Year-End Grand Prizes:

    $6,750.00 Cash Total 144 finalists selected from all 12 months compete for Grand Prizes

    • $5000.00 Cash Grand Prize, plus optional opportunity for exhibit and two week art residency at Sedona Arts Center (residency to be completed in 2018)
    • $1000.00 Cash Second Prize
    • $ 750.00 Cash Third Prize

    Monthly Prizes:

    Each Month a Different Art Professional Judge Selects 12 Monthly Finalists for a Total 144 Competing for Year-End Cash Award

    Monthly Best in Show $200.00 Cash; Extra Promotional Value, $400.00

    • $200.00 Cash Best in Show
    • Artist Spotlight promotional article ($100 value)
    • Home Page Top Slide Show Banner Promotion ($100 value)
    • Top Special Display on Finalist Promotional Page
    • Gold-leaf Best in Show certificate mailed to your home or studio anywhere in the world
    • Special Judge's comment on Best in Show

    11 Additional Monthly Finalists; Extra Promotional Value, $200.00

    • Home Page Slide Show Banner Promotion for one month ($100.00 value)
    • Special Display on Finalist Promotional Page ($100.00 value)
    • Gold-leaf Finalist certificate mailed to your home or studio anywhere in the world
    • Special Judge's comment on each finalist painting

    Monthly Artists Choice Award - Selected by Member Artists, $100.00 Cash

    • Winning painting receives highest score / number of comments
    • Winner receives $100.00 cash
    • Home Page Slide Show Banner Promotion for one month ($100.00 value)
    • Gold-leaf Artists Choice certificate mailed to your home or studio anywhere in the world
    • Member artists provide anonymous comments on favorite paintings. (Click Here for More Details...)

    Every Painting Entry Receives:

    • Search optimized, full page to promote each single painting entry - essentially a full page ad for each painting!
    • Page includes your own personal contact form - inquiries are emailed directly to you.
    • Link to your website.
    • Enter your extra-long full description or bio. Can be about your painting, list of accomplishments, or whatever you want to say.
    • Add a YouTube video to your full page.
    • Offer your painting or print reproductions for sale; your sales are ALL your own, with no commission ever.
    • Each painting posted in social media.
    • "Special" promoted paintings rotate on the home page and throughout this website; further, paid posts in social media reach out to new visitors ensuring that views of your painting increase exponentially over time.








    Latest Artists Choice Reviews

    Spring Bloom

    This painting reminds me of the years I lived in Tucson, AZ. The colors are spot-on for the way the desert looks after some rain. Lovely!

    A Moment Of Roses

    This painting is beautifully executed! I especially love the mood and shadows.

    Outstanding work!

    Outstanding work!

    Green Lake Solitude

    A busy park full of people can still offer one a place to contemplate in solidarity. Love this!

    Willy Lott's Cottage

    Creamy and smooth as silk, a lovely piece!