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    Selected by Participating Member Artists - Winner Receives $100.00 Cash - New Winner Each Month

    • Artists Choice Award presented in addition to other monthly Best In Show and finalist awards.

    • Winner announced by the 20th of the following month, along with Best in Show and additional monthly finalists.

    • To qualify for the Artist Choice Award, a participating member artist must also REVIEW and rate at least one or more Favorite Paintings created by other member artists — only in this way do reviews/ratings on your own paintings (made by other member artists) count toward a final score for your painting. Please Note: YOUR REVIEW IS ANONYMOUS but should be only positive/constructive on paintings you really like -- YOUR FAVORITES! Negative or destructive comments will not be tolerated and will be removed.

    • You can review and rate any painting throughout the competition months; however, only comments made on paintings submitted in the current month are eligible for that month's Artists Choice award.

    • You can review and rate your own painting, but only once! Please be encouraged to do so; however, reviewing only your own will not qualify you for the Artists Choice award -- you must still provide at least one review to another artist. ALSO, YOUR OWN REVIEWS OF YOUR OWN PAINTING DO NOT COUNT TOWARD THE ARTISTS CHOICE AWARD.

    • RATINGS CRITERIA: #1 IS THE LOWEST SCORE; #5 IS THE HIGHEST SCORE; also, the written comment area is required in order to submit the review.

    • Artists will not be able to review the same painting more than once.

    • Winning painting = highest score per number of reviews. Total score is available only to administrators, and is never displayed on the website front end or shared publicly.

    • In case of a tie (same score / number of comments for two or more paintings), administrators cast a tie breaking vote. Administrators may review a painting if they choose, but administrator reviews do not count toward the Artists Choice Award. Only member artist reviews count!

    • Your reviews do not show your name and are always anonymous! The visiting public and logged in member artists can not identify any other reviewing artist's name or credentials.

    • Only member artists who are logged into the website may leave a rating/review.

    • Artists: To rate and review, click on a painting thumbnail image, then scroll to the bottom of any painting page and click the big blue button labeled either "Log In to Add Review," or "Add Review."

    • Click the top menu item "Latest Entries" to find your favorite painting or paintings, and scroll down to comment and review.

    • The member artists truly appreciate constructive comments from other accomplished fellow artists; also, the more comments on your painting, the more it draws new visitors to your page from search engines and social media.

    • Want more reviews? Invite your artist friends and associates to participate and reveiw your work!





    Latest Artists Choice Reviews

    Spring Bloom

    This painting reminds me of the years I lived in Tucson, AZ. The colors are spot-on for the way the desert looks after some rain. Lovely!

    A Moment Of Roses

    This painting is beautifully executed! I especially love the mood and shadows.

    Outstanding work!

    Outstanding work!

    Green Lake Solitude

    A busy park full of people can still offer one a place to contemplate in solidarity. Love this!

    Willy Lott's Cottage

    Creamy and smooth as silk, a lovely piece!