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    Strong Man's Hoard, 2017

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    18 Tekoa Terrace
    Westfield, MA 01085
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    I paint with acrylic and powdered pigment on either unstretched canvas (tapestry style) or on 100% rag, museum board. The compositions are a theatrical juxtaposition of shapes, colors and marks. Each painting emerges organically as the initial random marks eventually form into clusters of compositional dilemmas. It is in this process of negotiating with the visual dissonance that I find things out, and move forward.

    My inspiration was found over thirty years ago when I came across an illustration in the Webster’s dictionary that depicted a chart of hobo icons. This code system of marks was widely used by Depression era hobos. The marks informed other migrants seeking work about an area’s condition both bad and good. It was their visual language for survival. At few strokes spoke volumes.

    The icons were scratched with chalk or a knife onto fences and walls at the edge of town, near railroad tracks or farmsteads. I discarded my brushes and attacked the painting’s surface using a pencil as a dipping stick with which I’d first scrub paint on and then burnish the surface with a spackle knife. Create then reject. Rebuild, reject then create again. The result is a unique approach to mark making with acrylics and powdered pigment that visually resembles a cross between fresco and encaustic techniques.

    The names of the icons fascinated me.  For example:  “kind woman, tell pitiful story,” “vicious dog here,” “you can sleep in hayloft,” and “jailhouse has cooties.” Their brevity fit well with the way I’ve always titled my paintings…“Back Door Crusher,” “They Never Come Alone,” “Tip Toe Drop Gag” to name a few. I feel that my titles should have an edgy tone that mirrors the pseudo organic images that emerge and co-mingle in the paintings.

    Over the years my painting approach has taken on its own presence as a vocabulary independent of symbolic imagery, becoming the visual expression of creative energy.  The process provides endless possibilities. For me, mark making, rejecting, over-painting, scraping, scratching and burnishing the surface generates visual issues. I have limitless problems to resolve and discoveries unimagined to uncover.

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Soteris Sam Roussi
    Width (inches): 46
    Height (inches): 36
    Country: United States
    Media: Acrylic
    Painting Style: Nonrepresentational / Abstract


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