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    Lost in Thought

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    Added 2017-02-04 19:20:13
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    This painting represents the feeling I have when I am lost in my own thoughts.  My love for science appears in my art and is on my mind most of the time.  I have a love for the exploration of the universe.  I use the various animals in my paintings to represent different feelings.  I use the fish to show the feeling of searching deeper.  The flying bird symbolizes freedom.  The stag represents the desire for protection.  I believe we all want to swim deeper into our minds, have the freedom to think what we want and our own personal intelligences to be protected.  I enjoy learning new things.  I want to be free to choose what I explore in my life.  I want to have the freedom to express my thoughts without fear of being hurt. This painting shows the struggle and the love to search our minds for questions and answers that move us along in life.  

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Jaxs Fiero
    Country: United States
    Media: Pencil
    Width (inches): 22.5
    Height (inches): 19.5
    Painting Style: Representational: Figurative / Other


    Use of Color
    Use of Values

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