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    Matter, Anti-Matter (The AntiMatter Mystery), 2016

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    Contact Email: info@francescabusca.com
    Website: www.francescabusca.com;
    Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/francescabusca;
    Instagram: @fbmosaics;
    Facebook: @rocksrevamped;
    BAMM: http://www.bamm.org.uk/members.aspx;
    Artavita: https://artavita.com/artists/12227-francesca-busca
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    Mosaic and Mixed Media: smalti, marble, pebbles, plastic, metal, wood and millefiori on wooden board, direct method (40x40cm). A recent experiment at Cern with equal amounts of hydrogen and anti-hydrogen confirmed how, when they come in contact, they annihilate each other and create pure energy. Yet some matter remains (confirming the matter - antimatter asymmetry problem). I find this fascinating. We are so scared of our anthithesis, whilst in fact - at least in our world - it should be the other way around: the black beast is indeed the Matter, eating away the beam of anti-hydrogen. Like Matter, like Man - toward anything in our way?

    My mission is to make Mosaics ROCK. I want to show this art to the world under a whole new light: no longer as a static piece, but rather as a work of art which can be incredibly rich… the very nature of its texture and just the subtle tilt of a tile allow for different colours, reflections and shades depending on the angle of sight: chances are that no two viewers will see it the same way at the same time.

    Torn between optimism and surrender, I am haunted by the idea of mankind’s imminent self-destruction. Yet, I still believe in a future for humanity of resourceful innovation through recycling and upcycling. I am in awe of both man’s and nature’s ingeniousness, and fascinated by the colours and textures of both artificial and natural elements, which I enthusiastically hunt for in everyday life and restlessly play with in new combinations, pairing and contrasting noble material with rubbish. My aim is to prove their reciprocal need, how rubbish is a relative definition and how it can be turned into something useful, fun and even beautiful.

    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Francesca Busca
    Country: United Kingdom
    Media: Mixed-Media
    Width (inches): 15.75
    Height (inches): 15.75
    Painting Style: Nonrepresentational / Abstract


    Use of Color
    Use of Values

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