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    The thought creates

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    Symbolic, visionary artist




    Gabriell tells us....

    "I truly believe that art allows human beings to bring out their soul-qualities."


    “When studying and analyzing my different paintings, people talk about them with images of their own, which reflect their personal experience. Thus, each symbol takes on meaning that is true and significant for each individual.


    Sources of inspiration… visions and waking dreams...

    “As an artist, I feel very privileged to be able to count on several sources of inspiration. Here is one example: very often, in the middle of the night, I find myself in a half-awake, half-asleep state, and a special phenomenon occurs where symbolic images file past in my mind. When this happens, I guess they are visions of my future paintings. In this waking-dream zone, part of me crystallizes, synthesizes and memorizes key images. Then, when I open my eyes, I can write down the essential elements of my visions before going back to sleep. The next morning, when I wake up, all I have to do is re-read my notes to reconnect with my visions.

    I am conscious of the fact that this is a visionary , intuitive way to connect with my creative potential, which then manifests in my paintings and artwork. However, I cannot foresee the exact role each of my visions will play in my work.

    I've never been led to paint a complete integral version of what I received in one of my visions. Fortunately so, because I love starting my new paintings by trying to follow the inspiration of the present moment, while trusting in the natural fusion between the images received beforehand and the artistic magic of life.

    I have happened to use a vision or symbols I received several years previously in order to complete a canvas. In such cases, I consider it to be the artistic program destined for this particular work... This is only one example among many others of my approach.



    Steps toward creativity… confidence… opening...

    Freedom of expression and detachment from the material result are essential for what I experience with my canvas.

    When I find myself in front of a blank canvas, ready to start a new creation, most of the time three choices arise: either i work from past inspirations and I use them to form the basis of my painting, either i begin my work while taking as a starting point images or by photographs which i will perhaps transform during the execution of paintings or i totally abandon myself to my creative intuition of the moment so as to let new elements spring forth from the canvas. In this latter situation, the tendency to control disappears and yields its place to receptivity. Time seems to stop, the potential within me activates and my confidence is renewed. It is a phenomenon filled with magic, as if the canvas covered itself in colors and movements that take shape without my knowing.

    Sometimes, I have the impression the painting already contains the imprint of its destiny in the invisible world. The message of the work seems pre-determined and guided by a Force that is much greater than me.


    For more information, please consult the website :


    www.gabriellavoie.artacademie.com  / GABRIELLAVOIE.CA


    Contact Gabriell / gabriel.lavoie@ucm.ca    (450)492-1986



    Specific details

    Name of Artist: Gabriel Lavoie
    Country: Canada
    Media: Oil, Acrylic
    Width (inches): 28
    Height (inches): 20
    Painting Style: Representational: Figurative / Other


    Use of Color
    Use of Values

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