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    Enviable Flight by Mary Helsaple

    Enviable Flight by Mary Helsaple

    $500 Cash, 3rd Prize Winner

    Mary Helsaple is a wildlife artist, nature photographer, business owner, and wildlife film producer.  She has lived and worked in Colorado Springs since 1976.  She grew up in California and has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree with a minor in Life Science from San Francisco State University.

    Mary's passion for the natural world led to expeditions in Central and South America, Mexico, and Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean with her partner and cinematographer, Neal Williams.  She describes herself as a realistic and narrative painter, saying, "My goal is to tell a story that connects people to nature. My favorite subjects are found in the dynamic and diverse stories I have discovered while exploring the rainforests of South America and the wilderness in North America."

    She continues: "I have an insatiable curiosity about what I see in remote and wilderness places.  These collections of images and visual relationships rush though my mind and emerge as statements about who we are as a society, and how connected or disconnected we are with the natural world.  Each painting contains a point of convergence — a single pivotal idea.  I purposefully control luminosity, composition, value and the subtle building of color to support that central idea."

    Mary's work can be found in major private and corporate collections including US Fish and Wildlife, Department of the Interior, and Forbes Magazine Corporate Collection. In addition to her focus on art, much of her work and time has contributed to programs and causes that help wildlife around the world.

    Mary Helsaple is currently participating in the Gateway To Sedona Artist Competition.  To see additional paintings and read more about Mary, visit www.Helsaple.com.

    Photo: Enviable Flight (Red-fronted Amazon Parrots and Spatula-tailed Hummingbird, Bromeliad), 32"w x 38"h, watercolor.