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    Valerie Ostenak

    About the Artist Valerie Ostenak has been drawing and painting since the age of four or five when she got her first box of crayons and she has never stopped. Ostenak studied jewelry, metalsmithing, and painting at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff AZ, and continued at California State University Long Beach, CA. She has worked with interior designers, architects, and artist-blacksmiths designing and creating sculpture, lighting, interior furnishings, and a decorative railing at the Grand Canyon. Ostenak’s work has been published in numerous books, magazines, and blogs. Selected titles include: Art Jewelry Today, Art Jewelry Today 2, Trend and Colours CIJ International, Watch & Jewelry Review, Showcase 500 art necklaces, ArtBusinessNews.com, British Vogue, British Harper’s Bazaar, and Contemporary Art of the Southwest. Ostenak has also been an invited lecturer at the Art institute of Phoenix, demonstrator and lecturer at Northern Arizona Arizona University and the Arizona State University metals departments. "In painting, I am having conversations with the Stillness . . . and I am at peace."
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    Latest Artists Choice Reviews

    Spring Bloom

    This painting reminds me of the years I lived in Tucson, AZ. The colors are spot-on for the way the desert looks after some rain. Lovely!

    A Moment Of Roses

    This painting is beautifully executed! I especially love the mood and shadows.

    Outstanding work!

    Outstanding work!

    Green Lake Solitude

    A busy park full of people can still offer one a place to contemplate in solidarity. Love this!

    Willy Lott's Cottage

    Creamy and smooth as silk, a lovely piece!

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