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    "Exhibitor Only" Category - What is it and why would I use it?

    Beginning in April 2017, we introduced the "Exhibitor Only" category for artists who want to be in the online exhibition to display and offer their work for sale. Some artist have expressed interest in exhibiting but not competing in a particular month.

    Reasons For and Advantages To "Exhibitor Only" Monthly Category:

    • Get A FULL PAGE AD FOR YOUR PAINTING at nominal price — $10 or less for each full page with your painting!
    • Found on "Page One" of Google for the popular search term, "painting contest"
    • Published article covering your special news or announcements with 5 or more of your paintings submitted in the same month: upcoming exhibits, new gallery shows, workshops, etc. (Competing artists get this too!).
    • All pages with your paintings or special news link back to and help boost your website with additional visitor traffic.
    • Promoted paintings are treated the same as competing paintings ... with paid posts in Facebook, and additionally posted on Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
    • Use "Exhibitor Only" category if, for any reason, you don't want your painting to  compete that month but you want to promote it (say, you feel the judge that month is not right for your style, or you just want more exposure or chances to sell your painting).

    Just to be sure, please note that paintings in the Exhibitor Only category that are "date stamped" for a particular month and will not be eligible to become finalists or Artists Choice in that month's competition. However, reviews can still be added by member artists, and the same painting could be entered into the competition in a future month if it has not been previously selected as a finalist or Artist Choice. The main purpose of "Exhibitor Only" will be to show and offer your work for sale to the public. Your painting stays online well past the month deadline, and continues to gain traction from posts in social media. And you, the artist, keep 100% of the sale if you sell your work!

    See the screenshot below to see how to choose "Exhibitor Only" on the form when you add a painting:

    Exhibitor Only screenshot